Other see the dreams, I know how to make them happen. Stephany H. de Sensi.

Who is a trendsetter? One who has something to give the world? Or someone who set the new path for future? The world represents advancements and developments in almost all way of life. Now it is possible to communicate with people who live far far away. But it was a time when it was even hard to imagine. Some people have the quality to come with a new idea and then make it trend and costume. Newton said apple falls from the tree and come towards earth, why it does not go up towards sky? And then he discovered the idea and fact, then it's not only facilitate the world but also prepared the path upcoming geniuses. These are the people who are trendsetters. But what is about the fashion industry? Is there any such personality who has done anything like this? Of course, there is a great list to mention, some of them are Channel, Versace, Ralph Rucci, Tom Ford and so on. But among these heavy names of the fashion industry comes a new name. That name is just a few years old now. But as far as the popularity and its concerned, it has more age then one could accept. That name is of Stephany H. de Sensi, who comes on the horizon of the fashion industry and gets the attention of all. She has launched her brand six years ago in 2010. Her brand Sensi Studio( click here ) is something that the world did not know until its arrival. Before the birth of Sensi Studio, they know the only way to designs different things like dresses, handbags, shoe hat and other accessories. There was a particular way to doing everything. No one was thinking about the new lines. Then one day Sensi Studio introduces bags that are handmade, dresses in unique patterns that are hand embroidered and hats with different styles and color combination. 

The Sensi Studio( https://www.ifchic.com/blog/397-sensi-studio ) one more time point out the importance of handcraftsmanship. Her handbags and hats come in a great variety of style. sometimes she decorates a hat with a bow and sometimes she creates it in a different shape. Sensi Studio were also in the field of bags, he crafted all the bags by hands. Handcraftsmanship is not as much easy to perform. One must be perfect and perfections is the key point to make a handcrafted thing. But Sensi Studio is another name of perfection and her brand has sent parameter of perfection in the fashion design profession. In the case of Stephany, craftsmanship and perfection go hand in hand. Sensi Studio tells a newbie that to work with new things is better, even though the ways are from the past. As it's obvious that clothes are a way to represent a culture, so if they bring something from the past, it means to have great values regarding their culture that are always find the new ways to keep it alive. The designers are in a way is the culture ambassador of a society. These are personalities who help to make a culture rich and in the other hand to keep it alive. Sensi Studio is the best example to be quoted here.